Meopta Meopro Vs Optika

Whenever you ask somebody to recommend an item or a tool to you, you must take their recommendations with a grain of salt. Your friends or colleagues may have different tastes or requirements than you.

Nowhere is this rule more true than it is with binoculars. Everybody’s eyes differ slightly, from the colors we perceive to the size of our eyes and the distance between them.

As such, you need to compare the available models to take a direct look at their features and decide which one best fits your needs.

In this article, we will cover the similarities and differences between the MeoPro and Optika models from Meopta. When you finish reading it, you should be able to pick which one best works for you!


Technical Specifications

Every model of binoculars functions differently- that’s why you must look up comparisons like this one before making a purchase.

There are many models in the MeoPro and Optika lines. In this article, we will focus on the 10x42 HD versions of each one.

These models may seem similar at first glance, but once you read their specifications, you may learn that this is not the case.

Prism Type

When you buy binoculars, you will find two main types of prisms: Porro and roof prisms. Porro prisms are offset and provide a more substantial sense of depth perception, while roof prisms are typically sleek and easier to carry around. 

Both the MeoPro and Optika models feature roof prisms, whose compact design and complex prisms can make them far more convenient than a large Porro model.



Both the MeoPro and Optika models we are comparing have a 10x42 in their name. Many binoculars feature this number pattern and both digits refer to a specific feature of the binoculars.


The 10x refers to the level of magnification on the binoculars. Both the MeoPro and Optika models feature 10x magnification.


Objective Lens Diameter

The other half of 10x42 is the objective lens diameter, or how wide the furthest lenses from your face are. Both models feature a 42-millimeter objective lens diameter.


Angle of View

The Meopta Meopro features an incrementally larger angle of view than the Optika, measuring at 6.1 degrees against the Optika’s 6 degrees.


Field of View

When you buy binoculars, one of your prime concerns should be how much you can see through them. Professionals refer to this as the ‘field of view’ and measure it at a distance of 1000 yards.

 At 1000 yards, the MeoPro has a wider field of view, with 320.2 feet. On the other hand, the Optika only has 314 feet at 1000 yards.


Minimum Focus Distance

The MeoPro will not focus at any distance less than 54.1 feet. However, the Optika has a far greater functional range, focusing at any distance past 9.84 feet.


Exit Pupil Diameter

Both binocular models have an exit pupil diameter of 4.2 millimeters.


Eye Relief

You don’t want the lens of your binoculars right up against your eye- that can cause strain and a poor-quality image. The space between your eye and the lens is called eye relief.


The MeoPro features an eye relief of 17mm, while the Optika has 15mm.


Interpupillary Adjustment

Not everybody has the same distance between their eyes, so an interpupillary adjustment is necessary for any set of binoculars.

Both the MeoPro and the Optika feature an adjustment of 56 to 75 millimeters.


Diopter Adjustment

The Meopta MeoPro HD features a diopter adjustment that ranges from -3 to +3, while the Optika has a wider range of -4 to +4.


Focus Type

Both the MeoPro and Optika binoculars feature a central focus wheel. With this type of focus, you can focus both lenses at the same time. 

A central focus helps keep your binoculars operating as conveniently as possible, though you might not get the customizable depth of an individual focus type.




Both the MeoPro and Optika feature a nitrogen filling to prevent any damage or lowered visibility due to fog.


Water Resistance

No matter what environment you’re in, having water-resistant tools can be a massive benefit. If you’re working in the field, you can easily drop your binoculars into a lake, river, or even the ocean.


Even in more suburban environments, you might worry about rain or water damage impacting your binoculars. Thankfully, both the MeoPro and Optika models are fully waterproof.

Of course, waterproofing only works within reason. You should not go around dropping your binoculars in the ocean on purpose, but if you do, the odds are high that they will work perfectly.




The Meopta MeoPro 10x42 HD is the larger set of binoculars, measuring 5.9 x 5.3 x 2.1 inches. On the other hand, the Optika HD measures 5.43 x 4 x 1.93 inches, rendering it smaller in every dimension.

Smaller binoculars are not inherently better, as they typically feature a shorter range or field of view than their larger counterparts. As such, you have to consider which size best suits your needs.



Lugging around heavy equipment can be tiresome, especially during fieldwork. Thankfully, both of these binoculars measure under 2 pounds.

The MeoPro HD weighs 25.22 ounces, making it the heavier of the pair. The Optika HD weighs 22.93 ounces.

If your goal is to carry around as little weight as possible, then the Optika HD is the victor. However, the difference in weight is only around 2.5 ounces, so it may not feel particularly different.



Ultimately, there is no clear victory between these two models of binoculars. If you want to carry the lightest model, the Optika HD is a clear choice, with its lighter weight. However, if you want a greater field of view, the Meopro HD provides what you need.

It would be lovely if somebody could outright tell you an objectively best option. In many cases, this scenario can happen! Unfortunately, when you’re comparing products, you have to consider your preferences, needs, and life experience which may dictate which product you would prefer.

Somewhere out there, there is a set of binoculars that fits your needs. You’re one step closer to finding that pair!


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