Vortex Crossfire II Review

A riflescope is a necessity for any rifle, providing a scope and lenses to help you narrow down a target when using your firearm. One of the most popular choices is the Vortex Crossfire II. This article will dive deeper into the product to help determine its quality.

Glass Clarity & Reticle

First, let’s focus on the glass clarity and reticle. These factors help determine how well you can see out of the riflescope and how clear your view will be through the scope. If you can’t see, there is little reason to invest in the product.


The Vortex Crossfire II comes with a fast-focus eyepiece, allowing you to lock onto your target and make a quick decision. Every second counts when you are hunting, and the creators of the Crossfire II understand that necessity.


You also gain a perfect sight picture when utilizing the Vortex Crossfire II. It’s vital to have a proper image through your sight to line up with your target, and this riflescope does the job with ease.


There are also three reticle options for the Vortex Crossfire II. There is a dead-hold BDC, V-Plex, or a V-Brite selection. You get plenty of versatility with this riflescope, allowing for the ultimate comfort.


However, there is a lack of illumination with the Vortex Crossfire II. It might be trickier to see through the Crossfire at darker parts of the day or lightly illuminated moments.


The Vortex Crossfire II Review offers excellent glass clarity, quality reticle options, and decent sight. Now, let’s dive into the eye relief and eye box.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

Eye relief and eye box are the measurements in a riflescope that determine an acceptable vision for the user. The Crossfire offers decent measurements.


You will find a 44mm objective lens and 3.9 inches of eye relief in the Vortex Crossfire II, allowing an excellent view through the system.


If you’re looking for a quality riflescope eye relief and eye box, go with the Vortex Crossfire II for your firearm. It’s excellent in this system.


Next, let’s talk about the durability of the product. The more durable, the longer it will last on your firearm.


The Vortex Crossfire II has an anti-reflective surface on the fully multi-coated lenses, ready to keep the scope safe. This addition will stop reflection issues, glares, and halos when looking through the riflescope.


The system is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and capable of withstanding extensive force, including the recoil of a rifle. Although the structure is strong, it’s also lightweight and effective, allowing for simple transportation and use. It’s only seventeen ounces.


The Vortex Crossfire II is waterproof and fog proof, making it simple to use the product in the worst weather conditions. It will work up to a certain depth if dropped in water and will easily withstand rain. Plus, the fog proof ability makes it simple to use in humidity.


A CR2032 battery powers the Crossfire, allowing for 150 hours of use. It’s sure to last a long time.


Durability is a vital part of a riflescope. Now, let’s dive into the elevation and windage knobs on the system.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

Elevation and windage knobs help you adjust your rifle to make an accurate shot, even in the worst weather conditions. Let’s see what the Vortex Crossfire II offers.


These knobs are covered to keep them safe, preventing damage or accidental turning while in use. Each knob adjusts using ¼ MOA increments for excellent accuracy.


The Crossfire II maxes out at 50 MOA adjustments. It also has zero-reset turrets, so keep that in mind.


Another portion of seeing through your riflescope is the parallax and magnification. Let’s go over that section next.

Parallax & Magnification

Parallax and magnification are also vital to consider. The Vortex Crossfire II has a fixed parallax of 100 yards and a 4x magnification setting. You will have an excellent viewing experience with this product, designed to help you see well with your rifle.


Of course, the vision doesn’t matter if the product isn’t mounted properly. Let’s dive into the mounting and rings next.

Mounting & Rings

The mounting and rings are another valuable part of the system. They determine how well your riflescope will sit on top of the product and stay in one place.


You can mount the Vortex Crossfire II on most firearms, allowing for excellent versatility. It also won’t shift around with the recoil on a .22 or a .50 caliber rifle, so you don’t have to worry about refastening it too many times.


This product is excellent for rimfire rifles, but it’s also created to work on centerfires. There’s plenty of room for versatility here.


We’ve gone over the mounting process. Now, it’s time for a critical category - the price of the Vortex Crossfire II.


Unlike other riflescopes, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on the Vortex Crossfire II. Users will find the product for less than $200, allowing access to a top-notch tool without having to wait a long time to save up for it.


An affordable price is a rarity for riflescopes which is part of the reason the Crossfire stands out. There are other vital features to point out before you purchase this product.


There are many top-notch features packed inside the Vortex Crossfire II, each helping it stand out from the rest of the competition. Some stand out more than others.


Here are some critical ones to consider:

Brand: Vortex Optics
Color: Matte Black
Magnification Range: 4-12x
Reticle Type: Dead-Hold BDC, V-Plex, or V-Brite
Reticle Illumination: Only with the V-Brite
Weight: 17.2 ounces
Length: 13.1 inches
Objective Lens: Diameter 44 mm


It’s an excellent size with a quality appearance.


We’ve gone over extensive details on the Vortex Crossfire II, inside and out. Now, it’s time for the ultimate question - is it a quality rifle scope option?


The Vortex Crossfire II is an excellent riflescope if you want bang for your buck. It’s durable, clear, and very forgiving to the user. Plus, it doesn’t cost too much money.


If you want a riflescope that won’t require an arm and a leg, go with the Crossfire II. It’s a top contender on the market for a reason.


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