Holosun 407K Vs 508t

Optics play a critical role in your visibility, especially with handguns. Professional and technologically packed optic options have grown in popularity over the years. Two of the most popular include the Holosun 407K and 508t. Read on to determine which is the better choice.


407K Specs

First up, let’s go over the specifications of the 407K. This product is designed to work in the world of concealed carry, sleek and simple to attach to any pistol. It isn’t too big and will work in almost any setting you place it in.


The 407K has a super LED for optimal brightness. It also has a shake-awake option, ensuring you have access to quality visibility at all times. It will ensure nothing gets in the way of your view with a quality handgun.


The reticle on the 407K is a six MOA dot. There is a larger red dot in the reticle, which is simple for most people to track. The six MOA dot works well for those who work in law enforcement and other departments where the aim is vital. The reticle is also red.


You will find a magnification of 1x in this product, meaning it doesn’t alter the image extensively when peering through the options. This magnification is designed to make it easier to aim and hit a target without anything too complicated.


The battery inside the 407K is a CR1632, a smaller battery option with over 50,000 hours available before a necessary replacement. It will last a long time and ensure you get the most you can out of your time outdoors.


There are multiple brightness settings on this device for simple adjustments when it’s tricky to see outside. They are compatible with DL and 2 NV.


The 407K is 1.6 x .98 x .95 inches, which is relatively small for an optic. The size makes it apparent this tool is best for handguns. It also weighs one ounce, ensuring you don’t have to put too much effort into lifting the tool and carrying it around.


The housing material of the Holosun 407 K is 7075 T6 Aluminum. This material is strong and durable, built to withstand various obstacles in harsh environments outside. It will keep the technology safe, even if you head outdoors.


Last but not least are the adjustment settings for the product. The Holosun 407K has one MOA adjustment per click. The W&E has a travel range of 50 MOA. Both are excellent features for the user.


There are many excellent statistics to back the Holosun 407K as one of the best on the market. Now that we know all about this optic, let’s move forward to the Holosun 5008t to determine which is the ideal selection for your needs in the firearm world.


508t Specs

Next up is the 508t. This product is also an excellent choice, made with a sleek design for application with pistols. It is an excellent size and will provide more help than hurt if you need an addition to your firearm for a better aim and overall experience.


You will find a reticle of 2 MOA on the 508t and a 32 MOA circle. It uses the circle and dot reticle to ensure you get the best visibility with every shot. The reticle is also red, allowing visibility even in the darkest parts of the day.


The lens is parallax free and also provides unlimited eye relief. You don’t need to worry about straining your eyes or having the lens fail on you. There will be no distortions in this quality product.


There is a magnification of 1x in this product for an excellent, focused view. The lens has multiple coatings to prevent glare and reduce what filters in through the lens. Both items help you focus on what is ahead and not the distractions around you.


The power source for the 508t comes from a battery. This product uses a CR1632 battery, a small device made to last a long time. It has a battery life of 50,000 hours, ensuring you get the most out of every use.


The battery life receives assistance from a solar panel on top of the Holosun 508t. This product provides additional energy to the battery, helping the product remain charged and last longer than other products with a single battery as a power source.


There are ten possible brightness settings available on the Holosun 508t. It can adapt to many situations, ensuring visibility in any conditions. The product is compatible with DL&2 NV for the best experience.


The dimensions of the Holosun 508t are 1.78x1.15x1.15. It only weighs two ounces, ensuring you don’t have a hard time mounting the product or putting it to work. It is small enough to be functional yet large enough to provide a quality view on top of your firearm.


The Holosun 508 is made from titanium, which makes it a quality and durable option for an optic. This product is resistant to wear and tear from the outside world, allowing it to be used in many weather conditions. Anything is possible with the Holosun 508t in hand.


The product has an adjustment per click of 1 MOA and a W&E travel range of +/- 50 MOA. It does not differ much from its competitor when examining this portion of the included features.


Now that we’ve discussed each product, which is the best? Should you invest in the Holosun 407K or the 508t for your next optics selection?


Both the Holosun 407K and the 508T have extensive features, are built to last, and improve your experience with a firearm. Although both are quality choices, we would recommend the 508T over the 407K. This product offers better technology for an excellent view of the world.


We hope this information was helpful! No matter which product you decide to choose for your needs, you can’t go wrong. The Holosun 407K and 508T are excellent optics choices that will improve your experience tremendously as time goes on.


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